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About US

NUAD is a unique lighting brand that combines soft organic shapes with an industrial aesthetic. With a strong focus on functionality and timeless design, we create lighting solutions for both homes and work environments.

Who we are

NUAD was founded in 2019 by architect Rune Krøjgaard. Rune has strong design and production experience with some of the leading Danish design brands and has used his know-how to create his own brand, NUAD. Since the beginning, NUAD has sought to create products perfect for homes, office spaces, and other public spheres where light plays a pivotal role.

Innovative and high-quality products

Our aesthetic is minimalistic and functional, with a touch of retro design. Creating a comfortable and genuine feeling is essential in every environment humans interact with, which is what we seek to achieve in our designs. Additionally, an essential aspect of product creation is a minimalistic approach and attention to detail, enabling us to minimize the use of materials while delivering innovative and high-quality products.

A focus on light

Light plays an essential role in shaping the atmosphere and functionality of interior spaces, with lamps serving as an imperative tool in achieving a well-designed and harmonious environment. Beyond their practical purpose of illuminating a room, lamps contribute to the aesthetic appeal, creating a mood that enhances the overall experience.

Lamps serve as versatile tools that seamlessly blend functionality and design in both homes and workspaces. Their ability to enhance the ambiance, support various activities, and contribute to the overall aesthetic makes them central elements for creating environments that cater to the diverse needs of modern interiors across functions.


NUAD offers a range of lighting fixtures with a retro, industrial look, and a warm, earthy color palette.