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Discover Radent Lighting Family: precisely crafted lighting fixtures blending task lighting & ambient glow. Sleek designs, glare-free illumination. Illuminate your space with precision. 

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More about Radent

Delivering nuanced illumination

The Radent Pendant and Radent Wall Lamp marked the birth of NUAD. At the time, I resided in Copenhagen with my girlfriend, settling into a new apartment characterized by an elongated living space where the kitchen took center stage upon entry. I craved a lighting solution that would blend functional task lighting with soft ambient illumination, all without harsh glare, yet capable of illuminating a sizable rectangular area since ceiling spots were absent. Despite extensive searches for a linear lamp meeting my criteria, I found none within my desired parameters and price range. Thus, the inception of the Radent Series commenced.

My vision swiftly coalesced around the utilization of standard LED tubes for their replaceability. A crucial consideration in contrast to existing linear lighting fixtures was how to clad an LED tube using minimal material while delivering nuanced illumination – offering overall room brightness sans glare and prioritizing effective task lighting. Fascinated by translucent and perforated materials, I gravitated towards perforated steel sheets, ingeniously allowing light to permeate without causing discomfort where the light source was shielded. This marked the foundational design ethos behind the Radent Series.