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Radent Pendant Lamp 1350 mm - White

Sale price2.999 kr.




“We design lamps that do what they do best, namely light, create atmosphere and help us see when it's dark”

Based on a standard LED light tube Radent Pendant Lamp offers both direct downlight and subtle up light. The perforated metal mesh provides soft lighting. The Radent pendant lamp is available in two sizes with a black, white or brass finish.

Product Specifications:
Dimensions: 1350 x 83 x 45 mm
Cable Lenght: 3000 mm
Color: Powder Coated White
Materials: Perforated Steel Mesh & Aluminium
Light Source: Changeable LED tube- 18W- 1980lm- 3000K- CRI>80
Radent Pendant Lamp, 1350 mm - White - NUAD
Radent Pendant Lamp 1350 mm - White Sale price2.999 kr.

The series


The Radent Pendant and Radent Wall Lamp marked the birth of NUAD. At the time, I resided in Copenhagen with my girlfriend, settling into a new apartment characterized by an elongated living space where the kitchen took center stage upon entry. I craved a lighting solution that would blend functional task lighting with soft ambient illumination, all without harsh glare, yet capable of illuminating a sizable rectangular area since ceiling spots were absent. Despite extensive searches for a linear lamp meeting my criteria, I found none within my desired parameters and price range. Thus, the inception of the Radent Series commenced.

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